Why use Relocation Services?

  • We help you attract the people You want
  • We help you relocate the people You want 
  • We help you retain the people You recruit

Tackling the sticky issues

We tackle the personal and emotional issues that may prevent your chosen candidate or that key existing employee who you need to relocate, from saying ‘Yes’.

This may be their perception of the Sheffield area, a reluctant spouse, worries about getting a place in the right school, finding the right location or new home, the upheaval of a move or a spouse finding a new job.

Personal and confidential intermediary support from us means your key individual not only finds the support and answers they are looking for, but is able to discuss any private or financial concerns without fear of it affecting their professionalism or position with their employer.

Supporting your company
What message are you giving to your employees or prospective employees?
In today’s competitive world, you need to stand out from other companies. By offering tailored, perceptive and personal relocation support, you reflect your company’s culture and values.
Demonstrate from day one that you are an employer who looks after their people and cares about them. A good employer will recognise that as well as a new workplace, relocating means a new life and a new home for that employee and their family. They will understand that every individual family has unique needs.

Don’t lose them!
The cost of losing an employee can be extremely expensive.
If your key individual or their family is not settled or is finding it difficult to relocate, then you could risk losing them. Recruiting the right person for a key position can take up a lot of your time and money.
We pride ourselves in providing a fast and streamlined service to help people make informed choices about their move; supporting their decisions and helping them make their relocation as smooth and as stress free as possible.
An individual who is settled will be happier, more effective in your business and ready to get stuck in to the job.

Make sure the relocation budget works for you
Many employers give a lump sum of money for relocation directly to the employee. However, from experience we know that sometimes the employee chooses to spend it on something other than the essential services for which it was intended. As relocation experts, any relocation budget spent on our services means efficient and highly effective information and action. Your employees and you can be sure that you will get value for money along with the appropriate services and support to make the move happen efficiently

Want to know more?

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