Talent Attraction Service

Your success could be dependent on getting us involved right at the beginning of the recruitment process.

Relocate 2 Sheffield provides your valued candidate with the first taste of their future home. This ensures that they are fully aware of the fantastic quality of life on offer here in Sheffield as well as understanding that they will be provided with practical and comprehensive relocation support to help them and their family with their move.

Positive images and information help create an optimistic starting point.

Suitable for:
Existing businesses that are looking to attract or head-hunt for key positions.
Existing businesses that are looking to attract highly specialised or technical individuals.
Businesses new to the city that need to recruit key personnel such as managers and directors.

Our services:
During the whole relocation process, Relocate 2 Sheffield provides intermediary involvement in a confidential environment for those employees considering relocation. This allows the individual to discuss, in private, any personal concerns or issues, without having to involve or inform their employer.
Phase 1 – Helping you make your offer

Our relocation consultants can assist you with:

Helping you to prepare a comprehensive and attractive relocation support package to sit alongside the salary and benefits package and within the budgets set.
Organising introductory meetings and presentations at your existing facility or during the interview process for new recruits.
Selling the city, the quality of life on offer and the reassurance of tailored relocation support.

Phase 2 – Helping your candidate to say ‘yes’

We support and assist your candidate/s in every aspect of their decision making, including providing:

Quality informative literature, DVDs, website information and other supporting materials.
Confidential consultations at current location involving spouses or partners.
Housing and rental market information, commute times, etc.
Childcare/schools information and sourcing.
Career opportunities for spouses.
Personalised lifestyle information.
Facilitate preview visits to Sheffield to highlight the quality of life on offer.

Phase 3 – Helping your candidate with their move

Once your candidate/s know they’re moving its time to get busy!
At Relocate2Sheffield, we provide qualified, expert advice and guidance on a wide range of financial, legal and practical aspects of moving home. However, we understand, crucially, that this is about lives not just technicalities. That’s why we’re so well regarded for our meticulous attention and personal approach.

Your candidate can expect the following:

Familiarisation visits to help people get to know the Sheffield area, decide where they would prefer to live, see local facilities, experience their commute journey, view schools and more.
Home searches to provide options for rental or purchase, liaison with estate agents, viewing itineraries, negotiation with agents and all aspects of the house moving/renting process.
Advice and budgeting on the house buying process.
Early years care – nurseries, childminding and pre-school options.
Education – helping to locate suitable schools, information on place availability and assistance with admissions.
Spouse/partner employment opportunities – locating suitable agencies and potential employers as well as information on job or educational opportunities.
Personal, practical and financial information – any other information required, for example; visas, doctors, dentists, importing pets, utility costs, storage and removals, driving licences, etc.
Like for like lifestyle – lifestyle information required, for example about church, hobbies, art, culture, sport, recreation, adult education and so on

Want to know more?

Contact us on 0114 360 0882 or e-mail enquiries@relocate2sheffield.co.uk