Dual Careers

What is a ‘Dual Career’?

‘The ‘two-body problem’ is a dilemma for working couples, which describes the difficulty of both obtaining jobs in the same location. The dilemma is that one of them may be forced to abandon their career’.

It has become apparent to many businesses, that a partner’s career is often a major factor in a candidate’s decision to accept a position and similarly their ultimate length of service.

Support services via Relocate2Sheffield – available for partners looking for careers in the Sheffield region:

  • Introduction to Relocate2Sheffield Ltd – an opportunity to discuss and review career opportunities in the region, along with;
  • information about the local job market and resources – job search sites/ recruitment companies/networking websites and other pertinent information
  • introduction to relevant third party; for example:
  1. Recruitment company (specialist where necessary)                                                         
  2. Psychometric Analysis company
  3. Career/life coach
  4. Entrepreneurial networking/support groups
  5. Business start-up support
  6. Sheffield Chamber of Commerce
  7. Volunteering and contacts within local charities’
  8. Local community activities
  9. Further Education
  10. Introductions to local resources, support networks and social organisations
  11. resources to help partners assimilate into the host location; advice on the equivalence of International specialist qualifications in the UK, Visas, Work Permits, Home Office contacts
  • support throughout the process.


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