What We Do

Whether you are recruiting new key personnel or moving existing employees to Sheffield, we’ll help you spend wisely and plan carefully for each person. By doing this, you invest in them, their performance and your business continuity.

Why offer Relocation Support?

To enhance your businesses ability to attract and retain high calibre staff in a cost effective manner;

  • Attraction: potential applicants will see that your business values its staff and is prepared to invest in ensuring they will be well supported if they take up a position here
  • Motivation: by helping new staff and their families to settle quickly, you enable them to focus on their work without the distraction and anxiety that can be associated with relocating to a new city, region or country
  • Retention: the dual career element of the policy addresses the recognised fact that a partner’s career can often be the reason why staff either choose not to come, or fail to settle and stay
  • Competitive edge: this type of bespoke provision is rare in the UK, giving your business a unique competitive offer, particularly with our emphasis on supporting partners and families as well as the appointees themselves
  • Cost effectiveness: by involving Relocate2Sheffield at an early stage, we can narrow down preferred locations and properties in less time it would take your new employee. Our aim is that they are settled quickly – preferably before their start date, and in turn avoiding them  taking valuable time away from the office and costly temporary hotel stays.

Want to know more?

Contact us on 0114 3600882 or e-mail enquiries@relocate2sheffield.co.uk