About Us

Relocate2Sheffield offer a specialist service helping businesses to attract, move and retain talented individuals to our wonderful city region.

Recruiting the right person for a key position takes up a lot of your time and money. If that person or their family find it difficult to relocate or don’t settle in properly, then you could risk losing them.

We pride ourselves in providing a fast and streamlined service to help people make informed choices about their move; we support their decisions and help them to achieve a relocation that’s as stress free as possible.

‘We’re here to help make Sheffield home for your employees. And we’re qualified to do this because it’s our home too!’

Established in 2001, Relocate2Sheffield has been helping leading businesses to relocate their key personnel into the city with amazing results, very satisfied employers and happy employees.

Our dedicated relocation team have the knowledge, the skills and the experience to make sure you and your employees get the service, information and assistance you need for a smooth and  speedy, stress free relocation process.

Relocate2Sheffield are a company with over ten years’ experience of facilitating relocations to our great city. We provide a bespoke service to clients and their families and take a holistic approach to the process of relocation, considering the needs of each individual in terms of their lifestyle and aspirations.

‘The key to a successful relocation is for us to listen to, and understand our clients needs; ensuring that they have realistic expectations and milestones in place at the outset’.

Relocate2Sheffield has always been a local business – we have in depth knowledge and understanding of Sheffield and its surroundings and a passion for everything it offers.

Personalised tours of the city and its wonderful residential areas enable us to share the breadth of our knowledge about Sheffield. Consultations with clients and their families help us to build a picture of their lifestyle, interests and requirements.  Through this process, we are able to give clients a detailed picture of life in the city and also pass on local knowledge about schools, facilities and places of interest that otherwise might take years to acquire.

We have many years of experience! We know the common pitfalls; have numerous contacts and relationships with our support network, without having ties to a particular agent. We are not a national company and do not rely on the internet to source generic information, facts and figures; we are a Sheffield based company and are familiar with local areas, properties, agents – we know immediately how to begin our search, based on our bespoke client profiling procedure.

Relocate2Sheffield are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ and are renowned for their flexibility, offering several service levels options to suit a client’s needs and budget. This can range from the most basic of property searches; from temporary accommodation for employees working in Sheffield on a temporary basis; right through to full departmental relocations of 25+ employees.

We’re passionate about our city region and our knowledge and expertise are instrumental in encouraging talent from outside the region to move here.

Our ultimate goal is to enable clients to settle quickly into the city and to be happy and contented in their new environment for the long term.

‘Businesses and organisations use Relocate2Sheffield because of our excellent track record in meeting the needs of employees relocating and because of their long term satisfaction with living in the city’

Please view our testimonials to read the reflections of individuals, families and clients on using Relocate2Sheffield.

Tracy Bush, Managing Director


Tracy is passionate about Sheffield and helping people move and settle into the local area. With a background in Project Management, Tracy is highly organised and goes out of her way to ensure her clients relocations run as smoothly as possible.

Tracy lives in Sheffield with her family and has an in depth knowledge of the local area and can usually answer those niggling questions that you just can’t always find on the internet!Tracy has a keen interest in architecture and property, and has moved house several times in the last decade!  She also has a detailed knowledge of property prices, investments and conveyancing in the local area.

Combining her beloved home city with property and helping families to have a happy and stress free move is her dream job!